Yes, what a word … Motivation.

It is time for me to become motivated to move, to shake the tree, to achieve my own personal goals, I just have to realise what those goals actually are however!

Goal one, is to generate income to pay the bills, so how to do this, what are my skillsets, where can I get paid?

Pay the bills, what a crappy goal that appears to be, but typical of yours truly ever the pragmatist I always have to think in practical terms first.  Perhaps this is one of my skills?

A pragmatist – hmmm really .. let me see, a quick definition over at Google HQ

 A pragmatist is someone who is pragmatic, that is to say, someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal. A pragmatist usually has a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach and doesn’t let emotion distract her.

Well, apart from the ‘politically correct’ ‘her’ I am male!  That would likely describe me perfectly, in particular the ‘not allowing emotion’ part.

So, a pragmatist I am … if that is a strength and it would appear to be, then surely all I need do to achieve my first goal of ‘paying the bills’ is to be pragmatic about it, so here goes, I will create a list.

  1. Pursue the new website idea (with Jake and Ashley)
  2. Buy the domain name discussed with Wally
  3. Consider Shane’ website as a project for Jake, or Kay

Three things for me to look at then, I will give them my full attention tomorrow, I should probably try and complete the job application I started over the weekend, that will take some thought as I am aiming high with that application!

So, I have just been in conversation with my fantastic life partner (wife) …. she is working I am sat here blogging!  As a result I have just realised another goal and that is to find me a car, a very nice car … a couple of reasons for this, I recently sold my car so I have some funds to do it right now, another reason I need transport and the third my wife suggested I need to look the part … !



Losing weight for holidays.

I need to lose 12lbs before my holiday starts in June. Now the holiday is 10 weeks or so away that is not a lot of time to do this but it is doable … just.

Apparently 3500 calories is 1lb (some dispute this but it works for me and for this exercise, if you’ll excuse the pun!) so, 4000 calories less a week then should help me achieve my goal.

Now I need to calculate what I eat and from there what I will ‘NOT’ eat to achieve those 4000 calories, which didn’t sound like a lot before but now sounds huge when I start to work it out in my head.!

If I think about it, 4000 calories is actually two days of food, so i could try starvation for 2 days, not really loving that idea very much I have to say, anyway I have found an online calculator that I will use to help, here

Calorie Calculator

So stating the bleeding obvious, and I quote

You can create a calorie deficit by:

a) eating less calories than you do now, if you overeat;

b) exercising more;

c) a combination of (a) and (b)  (usually, this is the best way because you strengthen your body at the same time).

With a setting of 25% average loss (recommended on their site) I should be able to have 1414 calories a day!  Apparently I need 1880 or so to maintain, I easily take on 2000 a day I reckon.

OK, so how to do this … I think the best way for me is to decide to stop eating sugar altogether for the next 2 months.  I think stating I do not eat sugar to everyone will help too.

So, no more coffee with sugar in, otherwise as many cups as I like which won’t be many without sugar as I don’t much care for the taste on its own

No more ‘deserts’ after lunch and tea, this will be very hard for me, but I think I can do it if I replace the deserts with fruit, I will allow myself as much fruit as I want.

So this is my plan and will start from today, I will either update this blog each day or every couple of days to help me focus, and to document how I have got on.

Wish me luck dear reader, or better still post your endeavours below to help me and you focus on our weight loss together.


Bit of an action plan

There are a few tasks I would like to complete within a fortnight, by next Friday to be honest, that is my deadline.  So I would like to do the following, and document each in turn using this blog.

Install and maintain a WordPress site and include  the shopping module EcWid (considering schneider for this as there isn’t massive product range, although it is substantial.

Investigate the full potential of the iPad in the working environment.

I want to get my new music up here too, so I may make this blog more ‘musician’ friendly and then upload my files so they can be played and listened to.

Yet another song …

It’s so unusual for me to be so prolific in song writing/creation however since recently selling up my MESA boogie amp, which by the way I was gutted to have to do I decided to soften the blow of selling it and bought a home recording setup with some of the funds. Now within the last month I have written more than 4 songs … this is unheard of for me, it’s not unusual for me to go months between songs ordinarily. It is a fantastic feeling to be so creative and to record so many ideas and see them through from conception to birth so to speak. Here is a link to the latest track, I would be pleased to hear any comments, if only to let me know someone else is listening and reading this stuff out there 🙂

Thanks !

Paul Blue

Time to refocus

It is time that I refocus on my own learning once again, this will involve several things that I will endeavour to do.  The first item on the agenda was to create and set-up a blogging account, hence this set-up.  I will use the wordpress blogging account to note down my progress and to show my understanding of each topic as I come across it and as I create them.