Yet another song …

It’s so unusual for me to be so prolific in song writing/creation however since recently selling up my MESA boogie amp, which by the way I was gutted to have to do I decided to soften the blow of selling it and bought a home recording setup with some of the funds. Now within the last month I have written more than 4 songs … this is unheard of for me, it’s not unusual for me to go months between songs ordinarily. It is a fantastic feeling to be so creative and to record so many ideas and see them through from conception to birth so to speak. Here is a link to the latest track, I would be pleased to hear any comments, if only to let me know someone else is listening and reading this stuff out there 🙂

Thanks !

Paul Blue


Time to refocus

It is time that I refocus on my own learning once again, this will involve several things that I will endeavour to do.  The first item on the agenda was to create and set-up a blogging account, hence this set-up.  I will use the wordpress blogging account to note down my progress and to show my understanding of each topic as I come across it and as I create them.