Losing weight for holidays.

I need to lose 12lbs before my holiday starts in June. Now the holiday is 10 weeks or so away that is not a lot of time to do this but it is doable … just.

Apparently 3500 calories is 1lb (some dispute this but it works for me and for this exercise, if you’ll excuse the pun!) so, 4000 calories less a week then should help me achieve my goal.

Now I need to calculate what I eat and from there what I will ‘NOT’ eat to achieve those 4000 calories, which didn’t sound like a lot before but now sounds huge when I start to work it out in my head.!

If I think about it, 4000 calories is actually two days of food, so i could try starvation for 2 days, not really loving that idea very much I have to say, anyway I have found an online calculator that I will use to help, here

Calorie Calculator

So stating the bleeding obvious, and I quote

You can create a calorie deficit by:

a) eating less calories than you do now, if you overeat;

b) exercising more;

c) a combination of (a) and (b)  (usually, this is the best way because you strengthen your body at the same time).

With a setting of 25% average loss (recommended on their site) I should be able to have 1414 calories a day!  Apparently I need 1880 or so to maintain, I easily take on 2000 a day I reckon.

OK, so how to do this … I think the best way for me is to decide to stop eating sugar altogether for the next 2 months.  I think stating I do not eat sugar to everyone will help too.

So, no more coffee with sugar in, otherwise as many cups as I like which won’t be many without sugar as I don’t much care for the taste on its own

No more ‘deserts’ after lunch and tea, this will be very hard for me, but I think I can do it if I replace the deserts with fruit, I will allow myself as much fruit as I want.

So this is my plan and will start from today, I will either update this blog each day or every couple of days to help me focus, and to document how I have got on.

Wish me luck dear reader, or better still post your endeavours below to help me and you focus on our weight loss together.